Yukon Rideshare
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use Yukon Rideshare?

    To use this site, you must be at least 19 years of age.

  • What are the benefits of carpooling?

    Carpooling lets you share the cost of driving; it provides you with company for your commute and saves you money. It is often the perfect solution for commuters located far from their worksite or without access to transit service. In some families, carpooling to work avoids the need for a second car.

  • Is there a charge to use Yukon Rideshare?

    There is no charge to use Yukon Rideshare. The system is Yukon provided by RideShark Corporation to help people share a ride and explore transportation options in the Yukon. You may not use Yukon Rideshare to find matches for financial gain or to circumvent the intentions of the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw.

  • What Insurance do I need to use Yukon Rideshare?

    If you plan to use your vehicle to carpool with other people, you need to have $2,000,000 liability insurance coverage. Check with your vehicle insurance supplier to verify your coverage and request a quote if you need to increase the amount.

  • How do I register?

    Registration is fast and easy – click on "Register" at the top of any page and follow the instructions. Detailed steps can be found in the Registration FAQ.

  • Why do you recommend that I use my work email address?

    Experience shows people searching for ride match partners are most comfortable searching within the company or organization they work for. Email verification of the work email address ensures that people who want to search within their own employer group are doing so with other validated registrants. If you do not have a work email address, you can still choose your employer from the group list to see matches with fellow employees.

  • What do I do if my rideshare partner is sick and it’s their turn to drive?

    When setting up your carpool, agree on a contingency plan to cover these types of incidents – using a taxi, transit, adjusting the schedule, and having a back-up ride pre-arranged are all possibilities. We suggest you use the Yukon Rideshare Discussion Sheet as a basis for discussing and agreeing to many aspects of carpooling.

  • Why can’t I search for carpool partners immediately upon registering?

    Before registrants are permitted to search for carpool partners, the system will send an email to validate the email addresses entered. When you receive the email you need to click on the activation link to enable the search feature.

  • How does Yukon Rideshare find carpool matches?

    RideShark, the system which hosts the Yukon Rideshare site, is one of the most advanced ridematching systems in existence today. Your origin and destination are geocoded to a corresponding latitude and longitude coordinate. A ‘route’ from your origin to work is evaluated. The system allows you to set the distance from your origin and destination that you want to find ride-matching partners.

  • Can I record more than one type of trip?

    Absolutely! You can create and individualize as many trips as you want. For instance, maybe on Monday you work at a different location from the rest of the week; or you are taking a night class at the College this semester; or you want to carpool to Dawson for an event or you want to walk to work one day and week and carpool the other days of the week. Each trip that you create will look for ride matches within the system that are relevant to each trip’s origin, destination, schedule and mode.

  • What if I don't want other people to 'find' me in searches because I've found a carpool partner, (or I am using the site only for information or to log my commutes, or I’m not able to carpool right now?)

    Simply click on the "Personal Profile" button, and then uncheck the button that says "I am actively looking for a carpool partner". You can still use all other features of the system.

  • Is my information private?

    Yes. Rest assured that all of your data is secured to a very high level using the same technologies that on-line banking and major on-line merchants utilize. No information provided during registration will be provided to any external agency at any time. For monitoring purposes only, aggregate data will be used to evaluate and assess the ridematching system.

  • Is my car insurance affected by connecting with a carpooler?

    Personal or corporate vehicle insurance is dependent upon your policy, but most insurers require passenger insurance coverage as part of any basic package. Check with your insurance provider prior to initiating any carpool. Yukon Rideshare assumes no responsibility for insurance issues. It is recommended that you have $2,000,000 liability insurance.

  • I forgot my User ID. What can I do?

    Your User ID is your email address. If you are unsure which email you used during registration, use the "Contact Us" form to contact Yukon Rideshare for help.

  • I forgot my Password. What can I do?

    On the login form, simply click on the link "I forgot my password". Enter your email address and you will receive an email with your password.

  • I registered using my email home address, but now want to match within my employer group – I need to change my email.

    While logged in to the system, click on the gear icon at the top of the page. Then click on the "Edit My Login" button to modify your UserID. You will immediately receive an email which will ask you to click on a provided link to confirm that your new email address is valid.

  • Do I have to respond to matching requests or to make myself available for matching?

    No, you have no obligation to respond to matching requests. You will see the information provided by the request, and are free to decide if you feel comfortable discussing a ride-match or not. You can also choose to use this website just for monitoring your own travel costs and greenhouse gas emissions. We hope that you will seek matches with other commuters – the more registered users that there are, the number of possible ride-matches increases.

  • What if I don’t find a match?

    First, make sure you’ve tried adjusting your search settings. The default setting searches within 3 km from where you live or work or 3 km along your route. You can expand or reduce these search distances as necessary. If you still don’t find a match, try searching again in a week or two. It takes a while to build up registrants in the database so don’t give up if you’re not immediately successful.

  • Will encouraging carpooling reduce transit use?

    Yukon Rideshare is all about showing all of the travel options to get from A to B in one convenient website. Transit, carpooling, cycling and walking are part of a successful sustainable transportation mix. When more travel options are available, it makes it easier to find the information necessary to carpooling to work one day, use transit on another, cycle to the gym or walk to the store.

  • How do I get help if I’m having technical problems, comments or questions?

    Use the "Contact Us" form for assistance, comments and questions.

  • What is RideShark and/or RideShark Corporation?

    RideShark Corporation is the developer of the RideShark generic and specific dedicated Yukon Rideshare application and hosts the application database.