Benefits of Yukon Rideshare

Leave your car at home to carpool, take City transit, telework, bicycle or walk. Benefits include:

  • Easy. Finding a partner to share the commute is fast and easy on
  • Convenient. Carpoolers create their own arrangements to best meet their commute needs.
  • Save Money. Share the cost of gas and parking. Reduce kilometers driven to save on insurance and maintenance expenses. Add more people to your vehicle to increase the savings!
  • Save Time. Reduce Stress. With someone else behind the wheel you can sleep, read or relax. When you cycle and walk, even for a portion of your commute, you get exercise on the way to work.
  • Help the Environment. With fewer vehicles on the road, pollution is reduced. Your choice helps reduce traffic and improve air quality. Reducing emissions helps to achieve GHG reduction targets.
  • Many Choices. Carpooling, bicycling and teleworking may be good options if you don't have access to City of Whitehorse Transit. These options are flexible to meet family and work schedule needs.