Registration and Using the Website

  • Who can use Yukon Rideshare?

    To use this site, you must be at least 19 years of age

  • Is there a charge to use Yukon Rideshare?

    There is no charge to use Yukon Rideshare. The system is provided by RideShark Corporation to help people share a ride and explore transportation options in the Yukon. You may not use Yukon Rideshare to find matches for financial gain or to circumvent the intentions of the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw.

  • How do I register for the first time with Yukon Rideshare?

    The Yukon Rideshare website is very user-friendly. There are help menus, tips, and instructional videos. Still have questions? You can always contact us.

    To begin, click on 'Join Now', then:

    • Enter your work or personal email address and a personal password.

      Why do you recommend that I use my work email address?
      Experience shows people searching for ride match partners are most comfortable searching within the company or organization they work for. Email verification of the work email address ensures that people who want to search within their own employer group are doing so with other validated registrants. If you do not have a work email address, you can still choose your employer from the group list to see matches with fellow employees.

    • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy
    • You will receive a confirmation email with an embedded link – Simply click on the link, and you’re registered and ready to use the system.

    As a registered user, you are now ready to define where and when you want to travel, select how you want to get there and look for ridematching partners.

  • Using the Yukon Rideshare website – login and define your trip:
    1. Name your Trip
      • A trip profile has a unique origin and destination and schedule. You can create as many trip profiles as you want – give each trip a unique name to help you organize your trips and create a list of locations (these locations will save you time when logging your commute).
    2. Address
      • You will be asked to enter an origin and a destination.
      • This can be accomplished by typing in the address or clicking on the map to the right.
      • Your origin will show up as a green pointer on the map; your destination as a red flag. You can drag the markers to a different location, and the text in the box will automatically update to your new location. This is useful if for instance you want meet at a location other than your home/work address.
      • Potential partners will not see your actual origin/destination locations on their map – the program automatically provides a general location and limits the zooming function.
    3. Select Trip Visibility – Who can find me?
      • Select who you want to be able to see you as a potential partner. The options include – everyone in the system, people in your employer group (with the same email structure as you) or no-one.
      • If you select no-one, only you can see your trip information. You might want to do this when you are only using the website to track your commutes, greenhouse gases and rewards. Selecting non-one does not allow you to select schedules or modes of travel.
      • You decide who you feel comfortable matching with – gender, smoking/non-smoking
    4. Schedule
      • You decide if this trip profile is the same for all days of the week (use the Monday to Friday button); different for at least one day a week or includes the weekend (Per Day button) or has No Schedule.
      • You set your departure time and arrival time per day, and can indicate days you are not commuting (or are not looking for commuting matches).
    5. Ways to Travel
      • You indicate all the ways that you would like to make this trip (modes not selected are greyed out):
        1. carpool as a driver, a passenger, or both
        2. cycling and skill level; allows you to volunteer to be a mentor if you are a confident cyclist
        3. transit; allows you to be a mentor for others wishing to take transit
        4. walking

  • Login and select 'Search for matches':

    The system will return a list of potential matches, based on your search criteria. You will see matches within your employer group as well as matches from participants not in your employer group (if they have selected all users can see me). You may modify or change any of this data to narrow or expand your search.

    You can change the distance used to search potential matches from your origin/destination by opening a trip profile and clicking on the icon beside the Trip Name (three lines with circles icon). For longer distance trips (i.e. between Yukon Communities, going to a music festival, commuting from Marsh Lake), you may be willing to find a carpool partner that lives a bit further away.

    To contact a person from your matchlist, select "email this person". The email is sent from you to the contact directly by RideShark. The matchlist person is then able to reply directly to you. This is the methodology used by systems such as Ebay to communicate between a buyer and a seller.

    We recommend that you review the carpool tips and use the discussion sheet to help make your ride share experience great.